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PEL offers comprehensive design, engineering and production capabilities for mission-critical and critical infrastructure customers such as Aerospace & Defence, Medical, Railways, Airports and Telecom. It specializes in high-mix low-volume production.

PEL undertakes contracting (Built-to-Print and Built-to-Spec) as well as total turnkey projects given its vertically integrated capabilities for design, engineering, prototyping, bulk production, supply and integrated logistics support.


PEL has production facilities located in Noida and Roorkee to cater all its production activities. Their capability profiles are as follows:


Established in 1990, PEL's Noida facility is spread over 5000m2 of which 3300 m2 is dust proof and centrally air-conditioned. Inherent capabilities in facility include:

  • Design & Engineering (D&E)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Product Prototyping
  • Batch Production
  • Technical Support Services

Noida facility is ideally suited for undertaking assembly and testing of electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical and mechanical assemblies including turnkey integration of tactical shelters and trailers. It has inherent capabilities for design of customized test jigs and fixtures (including Automated Test Equipment-ATE), product technical documentation and state-of-art labs to undertake complete functional testing for customer's product.


Established in 2008, PEL's Roorkee facility is spread over 9500 m2 of which 6500 m2 is dust proof and centrally air-conditioned. Inherent capabilities in facility include:

  • Bulk production of electronic and electrical assemblies
  • Bulk production of mechanical assemblies
  • Bulk production of turnkey electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Product Validation and Verification for complete environmental and EMI-EMC specifications

Roorkee facility is ideally suited for undertaking full turnkey manufacturing of highly complex, fully integrated systems with large numbers of parts and components. Roorkee's assembly capabilities include complex electro-mechanical assemblies complete with cable and harness assembly.

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