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Carbon Fiber Masts

In keeping pace with technology, Precision has developed an ultra light weight carbon fiber mast for tactical applications. With high strength-to-weight ratio and high rigidity these are masts which can be used for quick deployment of antenna, surveillance equipment, floodlighting, RF monitoring systems etc.

These masts can be carried by hand or on a vehicle top.

Developed in-house with high localization Precision composite masts are value propositions for the customer for use in a highly fluid tactical environment. The endeavour is to provide the customer with the latest technology and customize the same according to his needs.


  • Ultra Light weight mast made of high strength carbon fiber composite material.
  • Quick to erect using a foot pump.
  • PDC cast, Precision machined parts, can be deployed at any height from retracted to erected height.
  • Low maintenance with ease of operation
  • Suitable for both ground & vehicle deployment.
  • Guyed & un-guyed mast per customer's requirement.
  • All parts are made of aluminium & stainless steel to withstand the harsh environmental conditions.

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