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Data Optimzation for Wireless IP Networks

Wireless Networks suffer from many issues specific to wireless and different from wired networks. A wireless channel will have fading phenomenon which causes packet drops which are varies over time. So if a packet drops then the sender may not receive the acknowledgement packet and will again resend the packet (in case of TCP/IP). Hence the already limited bandwidth will start to get clogged with a lot of retransmissions.

Data Optimization techniques designed to handless wireless specific network behaviour are thus very much required. PEL has developed it's own algorithms for a data optimization layer which can be embedded inside a router or work in a separate device which will interface between the wired router and a wireless radio.

Our algorithms are optimized and tested for different kinds of PHY and MAC based radios

We work with our partners closely to integrate our technology in their systems to serve our customers better and provide them with a reliable and robust wireless network

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