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Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (Extended Frequency International)

  • Broad-Range Mission Support EPLRS-XF-I supports the chain of command. Mobile ad-hoc networking provides high-speed horizontal and vertical communications, effectively shortening command and control cycle times.
  • EPLRS-XF-I provides a wireless Internet Protocol (IP) network for tactical forces. The network automatically reconfigures itself to overcome the LOS limitations of UHF communications and to mitigate jamming threats
  • EPLRS-XF-I supports a diverse range of applications, such as low-latency voice, sensor netting, blue force tracking and e-mail. This allows EPLRS-XF-I to support a wide variety of missions -- from air defense to maneuver control and beyond. Quality of Service (QoS) is maintained for each application via Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA).


  • Robust, self-healing network, Ruggedized for ground and airborne operations
  • Delivers crucial information to the right place at the right time with optimal security and reliability with AES crypto security
  • Designed for mobility; ideal for mobile, dynamic, infrastructure less environments
  • Supports a broad range of missions by integrating battlefield information systems
  • Provides position/navigation throughout maneuver forces even if GPS is unavailable
  • Supports wideband frequency for more agile operations in tactical environments

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