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Integrated Power supplies

The PMOD-24/48 is an industrial grade, high capacity Float cum Boost Charger which provides simultaneous charging of batteries and DC voltage for communication equipment. This unit is designed to provide a total of 20A or 40A current at 24 or 48VDC for large communication installation like switch room, central office, mobile communication nodes etc.

The unit is totally modular and scalable to provide desired current capacities by adding hot swappable individual modules. The PMOD-24/48 is designed in (N+1) configuration in current sharing mode where each module equally shares the output current. In case of failure of any module, the current sharing is redistributed over all the available modules including the spare module.

The PMOD-24/48 is a highly reliable power source for large size communication installations with immediate switch over to batteries for uninterrupted operations.

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