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Secure UHF-band radio system (PST-12M)

ST-12M Secure UHF Radio-Mux System is a single box solution over RF media to provide multi-band communication in field conditions. It is constructed to be compact and light weight in a ruggedized cabinet, which can withstand the rigors of cross country mobility. It is designed for rapid deployment in rough environmental conditions.

PST-12M provides full duplex radio communications up to 2 Mbps for a wide range of point to point applications in military and paramilitary networks. The system caters for up to 30 voice / data channels, various voice interfaces, G.703 Fractional E1 interface, 10/100 Base-T port, Sync data interface V.35 (nx64 kbps) and Async data low-speed data through V.24.

PST-12M is spectrally efficient and has user selectable modulation (QPSK, 16 QAM, 32 QAM) and channel bandwidths (500kHz, 1MHz, 2MHz), which when combined with its state-of-art error correction provides long ranges and stable communications even under poor BER conditions. The PST-12M contains a provision for providing communication secrecy for the military/ paramilitary security environment.

A 15m / 18m Pneumatic mast with capability to withstand wind speeds of 80-120 Kms/hr and a field generator (optional) makes the system ideal for quick deployment of point to point secure communications under field conditions.


  • 30-512 MHz Frequency coverage
  • Dedicated UHFSATCOM
  • Landline Mobile radio(LMR) narrowband / wideband channel selection with CTCSS squelch tones
  • and 512 MHz extended frequency coverage
  • Embedded Tactical Internet Protocol

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