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Pneumatic Telescopic Masts

PEL Pneumatic masts have formed an integral part of the Indian Army and Air-Force's field deployment of Tactical High Capacity LOS Radios. PEL has demonstrated capability in field deployment of tactical radios using a detachment of 2 men in under 20 minutes. These masts have been mounted on the ground, in plain as well as hilly terrains, and also on vehicles.

PEL masts have been deployed on various vehicles used to demonstrate the Indian Army's Tactical Communication System (TCS) vehicular node. These masts were mounted on light off-road vehicles and heavy duty vehicles. Custom antenna assembly offering multiple antennae mounting, each with independent manual/ automatic steering in azimuth/ elevation was also provided. These masts have been extensively tested for cross country deployment by the Indian Army.

Additional Capabilities

Vehicle Mount attachments

Standard brackets are available for mounting the mounting masts on military as well as commercial vehicles. The masts can be erected from a stationary vehicle or can be removed and mounted on the ground with a base plate. Custom brackets are available on request.

Balancing Machine

PEL has developed balancing machine which is used to support light mast for heavier head loads which are used for tactical deployment of heavier head loads. The mast is most vulnerable to bending and breakage during deployment.The balancing machine helps in deployment as well as control the sway during high winds. These mast along with balancing machine support highly directional antenna systems with sway of less than half degree at up to 21 meters height.

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