Precision Electronics Limited
Value Added Solutions

PEL ensures that new technologies and design tools are applied to the demands and stringent requirements of Mission-Critical Military applications. To this effect PEL adds tremendous value in designing, engineering, productizing and integrating highly customized solutions for its customers. PEL is specifically focussed on:-

  • Entity Engineering
  • Integration of legacy sub-systems with new sub-systems
  • Upgradation of existing system/equipment
  • HW/SW development for customizing existing equipment to specific customer requirements.

A multi-spectrum and multi-pronged approach is adopted, based on:-

  • Continuous technology refresh to keep abreast of new technologies of the near future with special reference to software/hardware interfacing.
  • In-house capability in system engineering, embedded systems, application software, power systems and mechanical design to cater for any complexity of systems.
  • In-house capability of ruggedization to meet the most stringent MIL standards for Environmental and EMI-EMC requirements.
  • In-house capability to design interfaces for integrating new technology.
  • Partnership with other technology houses for sharing of information and jointly addressing a solution so that the IPRs are retained while the customer has a single window solution.

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