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Professional Services for Communication Networks

PEL offers a full range of Network Integration, Optimisation and Management with operational support and installation services focused on delivering effective, expert Communication Network implementations at any stage of a Project. Certified by leading, global vendors for installation and commissioning, PEL’s professional engineering teams install a complete range of network elements including Core platforms, last mile networking platforms, radio access networks, antennas, transmission lines and more.

With a corporate philosophy that places high emphasis on quality control, PEL offers the following services and solutions:

  • Network planning and design

    • Comprehensive engineering for RF propagation analysis, evaluation of potential RF installation locations, drive tests for site validation, design of RF and antenna systems, frequency checks and interference analysis
    • Review all aspects of coverage, traffic and performance, as well as transport engineering for planning backhaul and interconnect requirements
  • Product Homologation

    • Type Approval certification by customer QA
    • Interface Approval certification by customer QA
    • Product registration and license from WPC for import, ownership and usage of radio equipment
  • Network engineering and optimization

    Network engineering and optimization takes a different meaning for customers that are in the business of mission-critical and critical infrastructure. Mission assurance is the guiding principle for such networks and PEL has successfully leveraged various solutions to support its customers, which range from:

    • Network configuration and resource provisioning based on analysis of user's traffic
    • Design and integration of traffic optimization HW/SW
    • Regular Network and Equipment Monitoring, Testing & Calibration
  • Equipment Installation and Commissioning

    PEL has undertaken the turnkey installation and commissioning of a range of networks for mission critical and critical infrastructure customers such as Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), Radio access & backhaul networks, Storage Area Networks (SAN) and integrated a variety of applications including but not limited Voice, Data, Video, Security, RDBMS, Network Management and various Application Gateways. PEL’s unique services cover network audit, logistics, warehousing and equipment delivery, as well as site survey, pre-installation planning, equipment installation and integration. This includes the handling of antenna and feeder installations; RF/MW antenna/dish mounting with feeder installations and RF sweep testing; Network integration; preparation and execution of acceptance test; and comprehensive "as built" documentation.

    As authorized installers for its equipment suppliers, PEL's teams of highly qualified technicians undergo intensive, on-going training in all aspects of their work. This results in PEL offering an unprecedented level of expertise and professionalism at every stage of a project.

  • Radio link Engineering and Installation

    PEL has extensive experience in Radio Network design and installation for HF, VHF, UHF, L-band, S-band and Microwave frequencies for both Terrestrial and SATCOM radios.
    PEL's professional teams are experts in turnkey radio projectsand all our installers, riggers and commissioners are highly experienced and efficient at completing projects on schedule. Our Radio engineering and design services offer a one-stop shop from planning and design including network architecture, capacity, network/ link availability and performance reliability; with radio link engineering through implementation, testing, project management, execution and maintenance.

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