Precision Electronics Limited
Software Design

PEL's software development team is the cornerstone of its R&D department which in turn is certified by Govt of India's Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR). PEL undertakes software development in the domain areas of:

  • Telecom/ Networking
    • Digital Access Networks
    • Voice and Data Switching
  • Communication Secrecy (COMSEC)
    • Crypto accelerators for Narrowband (few bits per sec) to wideband (Gigabytes per sec) signals
  • Digital Signal Processing
    • Radio/ Line Modem design
    • Processing/ Synthesis of Voice, Video and Data
  • Command and Control
    • Network Management System for Telecom
    • C2-SA software
    • EW Systems
    • Sensor Integration systems
  • Data Acquisition, Processing, Storage, Analysis
    • Software Defined Voice and Data Recorder

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