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Electronic (PCB) Assemblies

PEL started in the business more than three decades ago as a PCB (bare board) fabrication house and has been in the business of PCB assemblies (PCBA) for more than two decades. Resultantly, know-how of manufacturing electronic assemblies is engrained in the very DNA of PEL's workers. Technology for PCB assemblies may have leap frogged in the last 20 years, but PEL's fundamental objectives for electronic assemblies to be reliable, maintainable and of consistently high quality have remained the same.

PEL facilities have been designed for captive requirements as well as for contract manufacturing (EMS) requirements. Its core capabilities include:

  • PCB assemblies (RoHS, Leaded) with high quality and on-time delivery
  • Focus on engineering prototypes and Low-mid volume manufacturing with quick turnaround time
  • Supports Single sided, Double sided, Surface mount and Through-hole Assembly
  • Assembly of Rigid, Semi-Rigid and Flex PCB's
  • Machine and manual soldering Options
  • Meticulous assembly backed by highly skilled professionals and process
  • Comprehensive & multi-stage QC process ensures consistent quality and high production yield
  • Emphasis on material/Kit verification to minimize in-process delays, rejects & reworks
  • Quality control test equipment backed by a highly skilled test engineering team
  • Development of customer specific Test jig

PEL' s de-risks its customers by undertaking Component Engineering which includes:

  • BOM Analysis/ Risk Assessment
    • Pricing
    • Lead time
    • MOQ/SPQ
    • Environmental compliance (ROHS/WEEE)
    • Material Declaration
    • Lead Finish
    • Soldering Profile
    • Whisker data
    • PCN/PDN Management
  • Obsolescence Solutions, Part lifecycle management
  • Alternate Part/substitute selection
  • Qualification of Alternate Components
  • Device Screening
    • Electrical test
    • Burn in Test
    • Environmental Test
    • Root cause failure analysis
  • Support on Reliability, Thermal and Packaging information
  • Procurement technical support
  • Parts management: military and commercial systems
  • Supplier Quality Auditing and Engineering

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