Precision Electronics Limited
Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

PEL specializes in manufacturing of turnkey electronic enclosures for Aerospace & Defence, Railways, Airport, Telecom and Medical customers. PEL integrates surface mount technology PCAs or flex circuit assemblies into electro-mechanical assemblies. Our production engineering team creates assembly drawings and route cards to document the production of electro-mechanical assemblies.

PEL has an internal cable assembly operation to support electro-mechanical builds. Our Supply Chain team has sourcing relationships both domestically and internationally which allows us to provide support for rapid prototyping as well as bulk production. PEL subjects each assembled sub-system for in-line ESS testing and functional testing on ATEs to guarantee reliability for mission-critical use. PEL has manufactured electro-mechanical assemblies in the following product categories:

  • Broadband radios for fixed, airborne, vehicular, man-pack and handheld roles
  • Telecom Line Modems (DSL, Optical)
  • Telecom Multiplexers
  • Telecom Protocol/ Media Converters
  • Tactical Voice & Data Switch (PBX)
  • Tank Intercom System
  • Military Field Telephone
  • Voice Logger for Air-Traffic Control
  • Data Logger for Railways
  • Sensor Interface Unit
  • Applique ' units for data optimization, crypto or any customer specific application
  • Power Supplies
  • Motorized Antenna Positioners

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