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PEL to supply 132 PCM MUX 2MBPS TYPE PFM-3440M to Indian Army

The contract for supply of quantity 132, 2 MBPS Multiplexers was signed on 18 March 2008. Consequently we offered the production models to CQAL Bangalore for evaluation for accord of Bulk Production Clearance (BPC). Our team of engineers proceeded to CQAL to have the systems tested through an elaborate process. On conclusion of the evaluation process, and detailed inspection of the Technical documents, the BPC was accorded on 14 July 09. The systems have now been offered to SQAE(L), National Stadium, New Delhi for Pre Dispatch Inspection (PDI). The SQAE team will shortly proceed to our production facility at Roorkee to carry out the PDI based on the approved ATP. Consequent to the approval for dispatch, the systems will be shipped to Central Ordnance Depot, Agra. Post supply of systems, requisite training will be imparted to the Operating and Technical personnel of the Indian Army as per contractual obligations. The systems will be installed at multiple locations of the field Army and integrated with the existing communication systems on Radio, Copper and OFC media.

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